Claudio Fäh on Set - © SONY STAGE 6 PICTURES

Script to Movie was an indispensable tool on my movie "Beyond Valkyrie". It made communication with all departments effortless, but most importantly, it kept my eye on the ball even when things around me changed. Script to Movie made me a better director on a daily basis.


I was using Script to Movie for the first time on my movie "Beyond Valkyrie" which I shot in Bulgaria for Sony Stage 6 Pictures in 2015. Being my fifth full length feature as a director, I had been searching for an efficient way of organizing my notes throughout preproduction and the shoot. It had always been a matter of keeping several notebooks, scribbling on script pages, and then copying those onto new script pages whenever a new color was issued, pinning storyboards onto showcards and creating shot lists on yet another platform. Script to Movie instantly changed all of that.

Besides providing a structure and making it super easy to track my notes and shot lists across several script revisions, Script to Movie was also a great communication tool. With just a couple of clicks very nicely formatted shot lists with all the information from prep went out every evening to AD, second unit, stunts and continuity, improving everyone's life on a daily basis.

This created a lot of extra room to focus on creative issues on the day. Even though my AD and most of the others departments were using movie magic they quickly found Script to Movie to be indispensable, especially on our tight schedule and very complex movie. And most importantly, Script to Movie made me a better director by freeing up a lot of time to focus on what’s important.

Claudio Fäh