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Casting has never been easier! 


There are countless casting platforms world wide. Actors also have their own websites and are represented by agencies. For casting directors, producers and directors gathering information is a cumbersome process. SCRIPTtoMOVIE® provides a central place that summarizes all information about an artist simply and clearly:

Digital sedcard

A clear and simple presentation during casting is key for decision-makers to quickly acquire all necessary data. The SCRIPTtoMOVIE® CAST PRO digital set-card is produced with a few clicks. Define the links to your relevant websites (e.g., demo tape, agency, Vita, press releases, speech samples, fan pages). Uploaded photos are presented in the beautiful landscape format of SCRIPTtoMOVIE® IMAGE SLIDER.

As long as links remain current, your digital set-card requires no further maintenance. It is an art collection of all things about you. There is no easier, richer and clearer way to present yourself and your work.

Casting in SCRIPTtoMOVIE®
Once you are connected to a project or have started one, you can immediately access SCRIPTtoMOVIE® CAST PRO at no extra cost!

Once a script is imported, SCRIPTtoMOVIE® automatically creates a character list. Characters can be selected directly. Within this interface, there is a casting menu option. Use it to immediately access an entire, worldwide database of artists at no additional cost. You can combine suggestions from your personal casting archive with all artists from SCRIPTtoMOVIE® CAST PRO worldwide database.


More useful Casting Process tools:
- Add your own photos of the artist (eg from your casting)
- Determine the profile photo of the artist most meaningful for the character you are casting
- Add your own links to this directory (eg casting scenes)
- Discuss the proposals with the integrated NOTES tool
- Run for each proposal its own calendar with blocked days
- Cast temporarily to check the blocked dates in the draft schedule


Casting has never been easer!

Today, no other casting solution on the market provides such a simple and straightforward experience. Decision-makers never had it so easy and simple to define and discuss proposals. All information including resume, demo reel and pictures is just a click away.


This whole process works completely paper free, without annoying e-mails back and forth, without eternal Googling information.