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The NOTES function is fully available to any SCRIPTtoMOVIE® user.

Movie preparation is characterized by good communication. While current communication methods such as email and SMS have made the world smaller and brought people closer, many important items fall through the cracks of information overload.

Fully aware of this situation, SCRIPTtoMOVIE® incorporates an integrated module which combines notes and messages to provide a far superior overview of the situation.


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The NOTES MODULE is available on nearly all interfaces. Likewise, you can easily write down any options, ideas, questions, or problems as they come to mind, no matter what you are doing in that very moment. The system automatically remembers where they are.

You can leave a note just for yourself or share it with other team members at any time.

Based on the color marking (green: read, red: unread), you can instantly verify whether the recipient has read your message. Note: The "read" status is not automatically detected; the user must mark the message as "read". Rest assured that your message was actually read -if highlighted green.




The Notes icon will be marked, once a team member deposited a note for you.


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Under the navigation point NOTES, all your notes are collected. From there, you can either execute all directly or a link will take you directly to the relevant points in your project.