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SCRIPTtoMOVIE is an extensive tool to manage the production design and your props.


You can plan according to character, sets or scene. For example: Select a set and add all the props for this set. The props are then allocated automatically to all the scenes located on this set. The 1st AD can then decide if the prop is to appear on the call sheet or not.


You can generate various reports. For example: Props acording to assigned days


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Upload photos for each prop which then can be approved by the decision maker with one click of the mouse.


Do your accounting with SCRIPTtoMOVIE® and be always on top of your budget. Manage your calculation and expenses within SCRIPTtoMOVIE®. The running total is constantly updated.


SCRIPTtoMOVIE® generates a location-related report for only the production desinger. So you can keep track of expenses, costs, contacts and appointments outside of SCRIPTtoMOVIE®.